Dental Laser

Laser Dentistry is now making painless dentistry a reality. Any fear of pain can now be completely forgotten as laser treatment is extremely painless. In our clinic we believe in providing our patient very comfortable and pain free.

Some of name of procedure done by Laser at 32 dental spa.

  • Laser bacterial reduction after Scaling and polishing.
  • Root canals sterilization
  • LANAP-Laser assisted new attachment procedure
  • Crown lengthening
  • De-pigmentation of gums
  • Gingival toughening
  • Smile Designing
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Soft tissue surgical procedures

Having understood the various treatment procedures that make use of lasers let us now understand the uses of Laser Treatment in place of conventional treatment methods. The uses of Laser in treatments are many and a few of them are as follows,

  • When we use lasers there is no need or very less need of anesthesia (Most of cases topical anesthetic gel works fine) for any anesthesia.
  • As the laser ray itself is bactericidal and hence laser ray sterilizes the surgical area on contact.
  • Also there will not be any after effects like bleeding or inflammation.
  • As a result there will also be no need for you to take any antibiotics or painkillers.
  • Sutures will not be required as the incision will be very tiny and will dry very fast.


Gum Contouring

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Smile Design

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